Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I had a wonderful out and about day in Columbia, Parts 1 and 2 of 6

started in the usual way with me walking and sweating at the gym (ARC) From there not wanting to go allllllll the way home (less than 7 miles) I decided to take myself out for breakfast. I am so used to having a choice of where I did breakfast out in Louisville that I was completely floored when I could come up with a "nice" place to eat. I am going to discount the fact that I was sweaty from my morning walk. At any rate for the life of me in all of Columbia there was only the iHOP out near the intersection of Highway 63 and Interstate 70. So that is where I took myself to eat scrambled egg substitute, several small cups of coffee, 3 slices of bacon and a fruit cup of not so good fresh fruit that was mainly grapes.
The reason I didn't want to go all the way home was because I was trying to wait for the Library to open at 9:00.
Part two begins at the library where still sweaty and damp from walking I picked up 7 book and three books on CD by Lisa Scottoline, her series which began in the mid 90's was recommended to me my Mindy Smith (one of the once a month artist that I meet with)
Since she suggested I read them in order I had to look else where for four book. Two I found on line and two I found at a second hand book store. Going to get them came later in the day.
I came home after the Library visit.

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