Monday, May 04, 2009


began as most of my days of late begin , the exception being Sundays when I only have to think about the treadmill but don't have to go to the activity and recreation center to get on one. In truth my body needs the day of rest and one day off out of seven isn't enough to break a habit.
The rains seems to have stopped for now and there was actually sun today. I should have been in the garage because the temperature was in the 70's but just when I thought I was ready to go out there to work the lawn service man came and but a stop to those plans. New mowed grass makes my eyes water so I stayed in and did some knitting instead.
As much as I am happy with myself that I am back into creating quilts again and having fun in the garage I still feel the need to pick up my knitting needles. It is rare that I find an item I want to make for myself but this sweater on the cover of the Spring issue of Knits caught my eye as soon as I took it from the mailbox. It was also helpful that I had the right weight of cotton yarn in the house and I began casting on immediately. I should be further along, but I found an error when I was nearly done with the body of the sweater and had to frog a lot of it back to were the circular needle is now. The pattern is a no brainer. and works up fast. From this point it is just a matter of continuing on now that I know where I omitted an increase row that I went back to correct.

I am thinking this sweater will be a nice cover-up to take along to the movies this summer. By the fall I am hoping it will hang on me like a sack because I plan to still be using weight.

I am quilting on this piece and I am now sailing right along. I must admit I had to familiarize myself with my sewing machine. It had been awhile since I sat in front of it, so I cleaned it, inserted a new needle because I couldn't remember when I had changed it last and I put a drop of oil in the bobbin case wick hole.
I like the way this piece turned out. It is the first time I have used thicken dyes on silk. This was created with 23mm silk broadcloth, however, before I order yardage of the stuff I want to see if I like the way it quilts up.

As you can see I am having a good time using the collage feature of Picasa 3.
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