Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The quilting is done

and now all I have to do is decided how much I want to crop off and decide if I will bind it or face it. My daughter Lyn who comments on occasion about what is on my design wall suggested that I attach it to stretcher bars. (make it look more like a painting) I have thought of that mainly because I haven't entered a "quilt show" in years so why not treat these painted silk works like canvas and stretch them. I order some more silk broadcoth, Did I tell you I liked the look of this piece?
I will let it hang on the wall for a few days as I sandwich and quilt the next piece waiting in line to be quilted. Maybe by the weekend I will have come to some decision.
A short trip this week might do me good so I am thinking of driving over to Kansas City for an art quilt exhibit that will open at the Jazz Museum (I think). I have to look again at the e-mail I received to be sure. The show is of work by Sonie Joi Ruffin of Kansas City, who I have not heard of before, but looked her up on the web. She has written a book and has a line of fabric marketed by Andover. Hmmmm, interesting.
Remember me speaking of the Orr Street studio and the possibility of a space be available. Well I got and e-mail today telling me that there are two spaces, one 286 square feet and the other twice a large with windows to the outside whereas the other smaller one does not have a window in the studio, you have to open your large barn like door to the hallway which has a window wall.
I will make an appointment to check them out in the next day or so and let you know what I decide. Some part of me wants to do it and the other part of me doesn't especially since Spring has finally sprung and summer is coming making working in the garage no problem especially in the morning before the sun moves to the garage door side of the house around 4 in the afternoon and it gets really hot. However if this year follows the last three summers I have been here it is really humid in Columbia in July and August.
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Susan Turney said...

Juanita, it is simply fabulous!!! I've tried to comment several times and they never show up but this is an all-time favorite. I think the studio idea sounds wonderful...surrounded by only the "tools of the trade" so no distractions. Your work is beautiful and I love your blog.

Sharon Pendergraft said...

GORGEOUS....your big floral quilts just make my heart sing!!!!!!!