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That was the week that was (the name of an old TV Program) is what went through my mind as I sat down to begin blogging today and it seems like a week had past since I last posted but in reality it has only been 4 days. Why is it that some periods in your life feel like forever while other periods seem to fly by. The last four days has been the forever kind.
Since I rediscovered them seven years ago I only wear Earth(R) shoes. My lower back thanked me. Happily they come in many styles and colors that are attractive. For normal knocking about I have been wearing an Earth brand walking shoes. The kind you wear for everyday ambulating, but not necessarily athletics . The shoe has a soft sole that were acceptable to the center for use on the treadmill so I didn't worry about having to get appropriate shoes until I knew I was going to keep up the walking schedule I had set for myself.
My son called on Wednesday and Myke advised me to get a pair of New Balance and to add some weight training to my exercise regiment. I had thought of doing this but not seriously, but now I am giving weight training some more thought. I was told by one of the members of the art group that they have a weight training program for seniors at ARC called the Silver Sneakers which should be right up my alley so I'll check into the details next week.

I got new athletic shoes, but not New Balance which I tried on but didn't like the feel of. So I brought Earth Shoes designed just for aerobic exercising. I' wore then for the first time on Friday and it was a struggle to get through the three miles. My gait was altered and my hips really complained. Saturday I was back in stride. The three miles in my new shoes was a breeze, my knees love them and the hips are happy again.

It seems like forever ago that I took Lyn to catch the shuttle bus to Kansas City from where she flew to LA to spend a week with her newly widowed Aunt.

It seems like forever that I have been in the garage trying to get some really crisp results with a thermofax screen using fabric paint and several different tools to pull the paint through the screen. I haven't been very successful in my efforts until yesterday. I was not about to waste fabric with this experiment rather I went through the learning process by screen printing on news print paper. I have now reached a level of comfort with my ability that today I will move to fabric. Then again, maybe I should try a couple of prints using some poly/cotton I have around here before I use the good stuff.
I decided to face my latest piece rather than stretch it, but I still have to hand stitch the facing in place. I was planning to do the hand stitching yesterday while everyone else did fish prints, but I was running my mouth to much and didn't get as far as putting my thimble on let alone thread a needle. When that is done I will start quilting on one of the two other pieces that are folded and waiting.
Saturday was our monthly fiber art group meeting and for the first time all 12 of us were present. We met at Patti's house using her garage for our fish printing workshop. I did not participate. Fish to eat... good, fish to print, not me. But here are some images of the day.
There were so many of us in the garage with lots of stuff piled on tables and finished prints hanging on portable clothes dryers in the drive way that passers by stopped thinking we were having a garage sale. We posted several signs saying that we weren't. Too funny.

JohnChris the youngest grandson attended his senior prom on Friday. First going out to dinner with his date and friends to Macaroni Grill. He who hates to have his picture taken did stand still long enough for me to get these and several other shots of him. He promised he would allow me to do so since his Mother wouldn't be here to see him all spiffied up. The spiffy however only went as far as the bottom of his trousers. Note the black and white sneakers. Yes he had dress shoes to wear with his tux but NOOOOOO!!! Well at least the shoes matched his black and white tie.
Because I have been through prom nights before, I went to bed and slept the sleep of the unconcerned. I had no idea of when he got home. I did check his room to see if he was home when I went out to walk at the ARC on Saturday morning. All's well... he was.

Yesterday the sun was shining, it was a little humid. A real three large glasses of iced tea with lemon day. Today the sky is overcast, a little cooler, great day to be in the garage which is where I am going as soon as I hit the Publish Post button.
Have a good one.
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