Saturday, May 02, 2009

It was a day of friends, food and fun

Karon and Sharon shared the teaching duties for the group today and I learned a thing or two. It never fails, when I am with a group of creative people I learn something. Someone always has a better way of making some technique simpler, easier and generally with a tool you do not have in your studio. Today I discovered a heat/cutting tool with a multitude of interchangeable tips that is better to use for making stencils and stamps than a Ex-acto knife or a soldering iron.

I was just waiting until the Derby race ran before I scurry off to Hobby Lobby/Joanne's or Michael's to buy one. I hope I can put my hands on a 40% off coupon.

Karon is on the left and Sharon on the right in this collage.

At each of our monthly meeting we do a show and tell of the previous months technique explorations and or anything else someone whats to share with the group. Here are some of the result of my program, dye painting and a recent project of Becky's. Of course you always have to have a star pupil and Sally Johnson took the gold star with her effort.
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Here are some more of the class samples that Sharon and Karon provided.
Lyn did the lunch for us again this meeting since everyone was impressed with her Tomato basil soup, hot turkey sandwich and carrot cake cupcakes which she did for my program last month, Today she did chicken salad rolled in dried tomato and basil whole wheat wraps, southwest corn chowder and banana pudding. For me she put my chicken salad on a bed of lettuce and I must admit I ate the chowder despite the calories and enjoyed every last bite of my portion of banana pudding minus the vanilla wafers.
I started the day with a drive to ARC and did 30 minutes on the treadmill. I tried my legs on one of a half-dozen available elliptical trainers, NAH!! Not for me. I tried a stair stepper NAH!! Not for me and I tried a third machine that mimics jogging, not sure what you call it, but definitely NAH NAH!!
For now I am staying with the treadmill, after all I keep telling myself this is just the start of week three and while I would love to be at my goal weight that goal is months away. I AM DOING GREAT... 45 pounds down with more than I want to admit to for now to go.
I watched the Kentucky Derby race with no clue as to who to cheer for. Hope all of you who had a favorite picked the winner.


Sharon P. said...

So glad you found some useful info in my presentation. Lyn's lunch was fabulous! My husband commented that "someone" OBVIOUSLY knew what they were doing....and I told him that would be Juanita's daughter. Please tell Lyn thanks again!!!!!

Karoda said...

I have one of those tools and have used it for stencil cutting but never thought to use it on foam/rubber for stamps. Since I'm still piddling I'll have to remember to try it with foam/rubber. thanks...everyone looks like they are having fun...great food always helps!