Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yesterday was not good

as far as the temperature or humidity to be in the garage but it was a good day to go out and survey both the front and back gardens. The bushes have leafed out and the perennials I've planted the last two years are popping up through the mulch and I can tell they have multiplied. So I will wait a while before I put in any annuals to fill in the bare spots and add color.
We've had temperatures that have varied greatly and rain. Today is really cloudy. I hope the sun comes out later and the temperature rises so I can get the piece on the print table finished. (If not today I know I can tomorrow. They promise tomorrow should be in the mid 70's with sun.)
In Kentucky it wasn't safe to plant annual before Derby Day which will be this coming Saturday so it should also be safe here anytime after Saturday as well.
When I walked about and looked I also saw that I was growing the best weeds!!! Knowing that the trash men come on Wednesdays, I pulled up patches of grass that I wished were growing in my yard instead of in the garden and I pulled some of the smaller weeds and cleaned up the winter debris. But the larger weeds I knew digging them out would be a chore so I sprayed them with a weed killer and as I look out the window today I can tell they have begun to shrivel. Yeah!! Now lets hope my spraying didn't affect the plants near by.

I have several followers of my exercise program and weight loss who are cheering me on (and some who tell me I am inspiring them) so I am reporting that I walked both yesterday and today. Yesterday I really had to push myself to put in the time. The treadmill I was using was facing a television turned to MSNBC and it was really boring watching the "talking heads" mouths move and not know what they were saying. Of course I was listening to music on my IPod, but despite listening to some favorite tunes, 3 miles/hour for 45 minutes was all I could do.
Today, remembering how fast the time passed for me while looking at the water aerobic class I looked for and found an available treadmill overlooking the pool area and today an hour flew by. Yeah for the women in the pool.
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Hey Ms. J, I think we are kinda alike.... something felt genuine about your blogsite... in MO. I am in Oklahoma. might check my blogsite

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