Monday, April 20, 2009

I don't know where yesterday

went. I just know that it did. I'll condense the 16 hours I was awake, into the following; I woke up. I ate my usual breakfast of fruit, yogurt and nuts. For lunch I ate the saved half of a take-out Cobb salad I ordered delivered for Saturday's dinner. Neither aJohnChris or I wanted to cook. For Sunday dinner because I was not really hunger I had the remaining half of a humongous baked potato that was also part of dinner from the night before as well. I messed around a little bit yesterday afternoon in the wet studio but have nothing to show for the messing. I made a few more stamps. I washed out the piece of cloth you see to the left which was done on Saturday and allowed to batch overnight. It is a test piece. I was testing some of the stamps and texturizing plates I''d created over the past few days. I decided I like the combination of colors I used and some of the effects I got from screening over stamped areas. I half watched and listened to the predictable story line that was "Made of Honor" on cable/ I thumbed through some of my many sketch books in search of ideas and went to bed.
That brings me to today.
This morning keeping my promise to myself, I went to walk on the treadmill. I think because the temperature outside was a little brisk this morning, there was far more people at ARC walking and jogging around the indoor track and using the equipment than on the two other days I've been there. Despite the crowd, there was no wait for a free treadmill. Because on the two other days I did not have to go to the far end of the space alloted to the equipment to find an unused treadmill, I missed seeing the room used for group exercising. (there was a class going on (step aerobics) and I missed the Health screening office and personnel.
I did 35 minutes and came home. After breakfast I mixed up a bunch of thickened dyes I'll use to stamp and screen.
Dinner is in the oven, the morning dishes are done. Lyn is on the shuttle and should be home in a little more than an hour having landed safely in Kansas City. After I finish drinking a cup of coffee I am going back to the garage. There's a piece of white soda ash soaked cloth that is calling me.

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Karoda said...

oooh, image of you wet studio is tempting...all those thickened dyes and that white cloth just waiting for colour...perks me right up!