Monday, April 13, 2009

Sweets and treats

when I think back over the 2009 Easter season I will remember it as a time of sweets and treats. Sweets because Lyn has been in a baking frenzy like you wouldn't believe. I'm not complaining mind you. I just wish I didn't have a wheat allergy so I could have a taste. I must admit that I do occasionally taste the icings she makes. SWEET!!!
As for treats, they came in several forms over several days last week while I was in Louisville. It was a treat to see my Mom. Who I happy to report is doing well. I saw my brother Lawrence too. I missed seeing him at Thanksgiving and again while I was in Louisville in January.
The reason for my trip last week was to be in Louisville for Olivia's (my youngest Grand-daughter) 8Th birthday and attend a meeting of River City Fiber Artist. I have missed those monthly meetings with my art group.
Back to the birthday girl. We (Olivia, Rene (my youngest daughter)) and I went to lunch at "On the Border" the restaurant was Olivia's choice. I passed on accompanying them to Toys R Us.
I was invited to stay with my friend Marti and we had a good time. We played a little in her basement on Wednesday. Our friend Valerie joined us. They were both working with thiox to discharge some commercial blacks and hand dyed black cotton fabric.
On Thursday after I left Olivia and Rene I went back to Marti's to sit in her studio, drinking a cup of tea. I made comments on several compositions she had on her design wall. It felt like old times. While Marti got dressed for Holy Thursday church and I waited for a ride to dinner with other friend, (Kathy, Kathie, Cheryl and Lisa) I walked around Marti's yard and took pictures of what was in bloom. I have always enjoyed Marti's garden.
I had a bumpy plane ride to Louisville and a not quite as bumpy a one coming home, but I will not complain, especially after the weather that hit the southern part of the country over the Easter weekend.
It remains cold here. I really am ready for warm weather. I want to be in the garage screen printing. Might just try my hand at discharge too, especially since I discovered a full unopened jar of Thiox in my wet studio/garage space on Saturday.
On Easter, after church Lyn brought home a bunch of tulips and daffodils, sweet. I love them.
I think it was her way of saying thank you Mother for boiling 15 dozen eggs, only 1/10Th of the hundred and fifty dozen required for an Easter Egg hunt in the park planned for 500 children.

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Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

So glad you are back to blogging Juanita.
I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet post.

Karoda said...

Does Lyn need an official taste tester? She certainly has the presentation down!

And I was hoping to see some treats of fabrics from the dye session.