Monday, March 30, 2009


I've been enamoured with circles for a long time. Some of my most favorite quilts were based on them. Each quilt had a different feel. Thinking back to my earliest days as a traditional quiltmaker I remember that I favored the traditonal blocks, like dresden plate, the wedding ring and other patterns based on circle. So its not too surprising that that shapes had come along to be part of my art quilts too.
Some of the circles I used where sectioned and resembled flowers. Others planets and other were just shapes that carried color across the surface of quilt. I revisited this motif a couple of weeks ago and rather than piece it as had been my way of constucting a quilt in the past, I tried my hand at dye painting. I was happy with the process of dye painting. I find it relaxing to do, but I am not yet ready to say I have mastered it. I plan to do more dye painting as well as screen printing. Although this is a rather small piece, 15" square I realized that I still like working with circles and sat down to draw several different compositions using them which I plan to make in a larger scale.

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