Sunday, March 01, 2009

Love the collage feature that Picasa 3 offers

it lets you get more photo images into a blog entry with less effort. When I go home yesterday and was looking at all the images I downloaded and I pondered how I was going to get all the ones I wanted to share without doing multiple blog entries.

Wish I had remembered this feature yesterday and I might've been able to forgo this entry all together.

Going from top left to bottom left, Barbara did a short demo at session end on how to add beads to an edge. I plan to try applying this beaded edge to something in the future.

Top right, is one of the many many dolls either hanging on the wall or sitting on various surfaces throughout her side of the studio.

Small image at bottom right is a portrait of Becky Covington, not sure who made it. Maybe Sharon Pendergraft or her twin sister Karon who was not there yesterday. At any rate that is Sharon's hand in the picture.

Below is Sally Johnson showing and telling a small piece she created to use the woven background she created at last month's meeting and bottom left is a section of test cloth she created using the product in her hand call Polymark.

This is Becky Covington holding one of her quilts during the show and tell session. Below left, she is talking about her approach to making cloth with acrylic paint and her technique for making marks on cloth with watered down acrylic paint applied with a jaunting tools. She cuts this cloth into smaller sections to use in her work. The image, bottom right measures about 3" x 4" and as a small section of cloth I think it is visually interest. What would I do with such a small piece of cloth..........I have no idea.

Barbara, her video camera and a not so good look at her husband who is actually picking up items to hand to her from a table to his left. Here is a look at some of his Santa's, St. Nicks, or Father Christmases. He hand carves then and Barbara paints them.

Bottom right is a better shot of Barbara and a closer look at the doodle-dads her husband RJ makes. They hang below the curtain toppers in the studio.

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Kay said...

Your "small town" is my home town. Your fiber art group sounds wonderful. Makes me wish I'd never left home.

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