Monday, April 27, 2009

2.3 miles, 57 minutes and 13 seconds

that's how long I walked this morning after taking a break from walking on Sunday. Again with the help of Chicago,the Spinners on my Ipod, time just flew. What also helped too was, the treadmill I used today was in front of the window wall that over looks the pool and I was entertained by 30 some odd mostly women going through an hour of instructor lead water aerobics.

Yesterday I woke to the smell of Lyn's baking an orange bundt cake and two dozen Lemon flavored cup cakes. The baking was for a funding raising booth at the Earth Day festival and celebration in one of the parks here in Columbia.

While Lyn was out and about for most of the day I spent my time in the wet space taking advantage of the near 80 degree temperature and lots of sunshine.

Because I tend to lose track of time I borrowed the clock from the laundry room. If memmory serves me right, I used to have a large faced clock sitting on one of the shelves in the wet space that I used just for that reason, but I can not find it nor could I remember what happened to it. Maybe it was one of the things that got sent to the Goodwill when the garage was cleaned last fall.hummm!

Today dispite the lower temperature, intermittent periods of heavy rain and thunder I spent some time in the garage dye painting before and after lunch but I am letting it go for the rest of today. With the humidity at 99% it is too damp out there. Maybe tomorrow will be better. So for the rest of today after I finish blogging, I'll either knit or do some quilting on "No longer Winter"
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