Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I made a little lemonade

with these two lemons that Lyn brought back from LA in her carry on luggage. The larger one was from a tree in the yard of a friend she had time to visit on Sunday and the smaller one is from my sister-n-law Brenda's yard.
I cut and squeezed them both and Lyn and I enjoyed a large glass each yesterday. It was sooooo goood. I'm not sure why I never think of making lemonade in the winter. But the tart-sweetness over ice was welcomed treat yesterday and a tasty foretelling of today's weather. I was actually perspiring in the garage today.

I stretched a retractable clothes line to hold the pieces I am drying. With the temperature well into the seventies I do not batch these in the usual way by wrapping in plastic to keep moist and warm overnight. Last Summer I got great results when I line dried my dye painted work in the garage.
The piece on the left is what has been pinned to my in house studio print table for several week. One reason it remained there for so long was because I was unsure how to finish it as well as the reason I gave in a previous post where I reported that it reminded me of Winter and I was not in a "Winter" mood. Today with the sun shining I was in a yellow mood and so the piece became what you see here. "No longer Winter", which is what I think I will name it and despite the red-orange leaves on the trees, it does read as Autumn to me either.
Both pieces are what I worked on today along with doing several quick sketches with windows as the design element. If this one finishes as I am visualizing it may become the first in a series of works with windows as the theme.
Not sure why I have window on my mind, but I made the three different window stamps used in this piece last week. At this point I am unsure if I will leave the windows white. Right now they seem a little too stark in comparison to how warm the background is. I also so might carry a line of windows further to the left side of the composition with either dye painting, quilt lines, foiling or stamping with acrylic paint. Right now the composition isn't reading quilt right to me. And back to the windows they are reading wrong, saying to me; alone, lonely, empty, no one home, and I am not sure that is the message I want to convey with this piece. I am also contemplating using thread to add both texture and a hint of color to the window panes or suggest what can be seen through them. But I am asking myself, is "a hint of color" enough? On the other hand after the piece is washed out I might l decide to add a complimentary color or analogous color with another application of thickened dye. ( red? or blue-violet? or red-violet?) Check back and I'll keep you abreast of my decision.
I did my daily treadmill walk this morning. Increasing my time to 40 minutes. I am happy to say my body is getting used to exercising, in that, I did not push myself to continue on with my day. Starting last Friday when I began this, first thing in the mornings, exercise program my body as soon as I returned home has pleaded with me for a really hot shower, two aspirins and permission to go back to bed.
Today, no such request came. I was energized and I didn't have to push myself into going to the garage to work.

By 2:00PM with both garage door opened half-way and the sun moving westward to the southwest facing front of the house my make shift way of correcting my low level lighting in the garage was solved and this floor lamp elevated to shine down on my print surface were turned off. I worked all day in a short sleeve shirt and wished I was in shorts instead of long legged pants... just for a little bit with the temperature rising, I was temped to use the fan on the floor.
A fore telling of Summer to come.
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