Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Out and about part 5

From the Boone County Bank we walked across the street to Landmark Bank, took the elevator to the third floor to see this three pieces installation there. Lanny Bergner also had installations at the George Caleb Bingham Gallery on the University of Missouri Campus, but I didn't have time to get there today as all three of us were to meet some other artist around 2:30 and 3:00 PM on the other side of town, so we hurried down 9th Street and into Bluestem Missouri Arts and Crafts Gallery to see the works of Vicki Smith, Rebecca Douglas and Suza Wooldridge. Of course two pieces of mine were prominently displayed. (Oh joy...oh joy)
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From Bluestem we walked another two block to the Columbia Art League to see "SEVEN" Seven MFA MU Alumni. I'm sorry I was not impressed with the works, They were all "strange" like semi automatic guns made of cloth and stuffed like pillows and some other stuff that looked like someone was in serious need of mental help.
Leaving there we parted company, but would meet again later. They went on their way to the Boone County Historical Society Museum, the Missouri Fiber Artist Association has a juried exhibit installed there, to meet some other members of MOFA, of which I am a member but joined too late to enter the jury process for this exhibit. Maybe next time.
I went to a second hand book store that I had called earlier in the day when I was trying to locate more of Lisa Scottolines books. It was a round and about way to get to the Historical Society Museum but certainly easier travel wise to go there from were I was then to come back later.
The books were on hold at the checkout counter and I was soon on my way to my next stop on an art filled day.


Susan Turney said...

I would love to see the pics of your pieces that are on display!!

Kay said...

I'll be visiting my mother in Columbia in a few weeks. Will these pieces still be on display? I always try to go to Bluestem, so I should see yours anyway.