Wednesday, May 06, 2009

On the way home from

ARC after my daily walk, I stopped at Wally World and did a little shopping. I hate shopping but I was tired of looking like one of my grandsons. The one who's pants tends to fall below his hips all the time, exposing to all the world his underwear. The grandson to whom the word belt means nothing. I didn't see him the last two times I was back in Louisville, so maybe he has changed his style. (Hope springs eternal)

At any rate I don't know how they stand it, having to pull your pants up all the time or holding them up so you don't walk on the hems of the pants legs. A real nuisance. At Wally World I tried on a two pairs of jeans. One pair three sizes smaller than what I had been wearing. That size fit. And I tried on one pair that was two sizes smaller and they were more comfortable for lounging around in. I am all about the comfort at this time in my life, but knowing I will continue on this journey of exercise and weight lose, I am hoping that the comfortable pair will soon join all rest of my jeans at the Goodwill and the ones that fit will then be moved into the comfortable category. Getting one pair of each was a good thing.

Don't think me strange, but I buy my jeans in the men's department. I have ever since I began wearing jeans as a teenager. You know in the days before they made women's jeans with zippers in front and designer names on the butt. God, I hated those side zipped ones we had to wear in the "old days". Girls jeans never fit me right. I am high waisted and have no hips. The other reason I prefer men's jeans is because I don't particularly like spending great sums of money on everyday clothes and I find that men's jeans are always cheaper then those made for women. I brought five cotton knit shirts too; a red, a green, a coral, a teal and an orange, I think. They all look the same; a little girly with cap sleeves and a v-neck.
Because of my aversion to shopping if I find something that fits and feels good, I tend to buy it in every color on the rack. This shirt also came in black, navy and white. I think because it is so comfy I'll stop tomorrow before or after the treadmill hour and buy three more in the colors I I didn't buy on Tuesday.
I am still knitting and quilting and surveying the garden. I just love this bush. I have three of them planted behind the garden bench. I had no clue they would be so colorful when I planted them last year. I will have to go scouting the local nurseries for more to plant in a couple of bare places in the back garden that would benefits from their colorfulness and fast growth.
The reason I will be scouting them out instead of just going off to buy several gallon containers is I have no clue from which nursery I brought them. You see, last summer I was at Lowe's, Home Depot, HyVee, Westlake, and or one or two other nurseries the names of which have left the old brain.

Trying to plan garage time around the weather has gotten a little frustrating so I have decided I will quilt the three other pieces I have folded up and ready to sandwich before starting something else.

Other news to report; I sold another piece. The check came in the mail yesterday. Oh joy oh joy. Generally when something sells at Bluestem, I don't know about it until the check arrives, this time, I was waiting for the check. One of my art pals told me on Saturday when we met that she had been at a neighbors house and he told her he had purchased one of my pieces. But she didn't know what the name of it was so I didn't know that until I opened the envelop. So here is a picture of what sold as it hung in my solo show last year at the Carnegie Center in Indiana.
Another pleasant surprise: Yesterday a friend from my past sent me an e-mail. We had lost contact with each other years ago soon after she took an offered transfer to another plant that the company we both work for had in another city. She found me through my website. Today we talked on the phone like we had not missed a day and we had a lot of catching up to do.

Today some quilting got done, also a little knitting. I now have clothes that fit. I reconnected with a friend. The sun came out for a spell. Lyn cooked dinner. It's been a really good day.

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Karoda said...

good days are contagious...wishing us all more of them!

congrats on the sale!