Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday was an out and about day

that I enjoyed very much.
It began with my usual trip to ARC for my walk on the treadmill. When I got back, showered, dressed and had breakfast, Lyn asked if I wanted to go to the Orr Street Studio Artist Festival. And I did.
The festival was a combination open studios and artist seated at tables selling their wares both inside and outside of the Studio buildings.
I have wanted to check out the studio spaces there for about two years now but for various reason I hadn't gotten around to it. At one time I was contemplating getting a space there too.
I didn't count the number of artist spaces in the connected 5 one story buildings, but I would estimate at least 3 dozen or so in various sizes from adequate 10' x 10' for a painter to really large as was the one where an artist working with metal was located. The studio space also has a dance school, a hair saloon and a cafe.
I learned while talking to some of the artist that they share spaces and some were occupied by only one artist, mainly painters. No fiber artist however. The unique thing about the studios there each space had a door that was different and simply wonderful.

Forget the art on the walls of the common open spaces and the art on the walls in each of the open studios. Nothing struck a cord, but I could have taken every one of the doors I saw home with me. And I am not talking about a standard size door I am taking about doors that were at least 10 feet by 8 feet or more.
Like most festivals, there were musicians one trio in an outdoor space and a guitarist inside and what is a festival without food.
Lyn and I walked through and looked but nothing said "take me home, please to either one of us" so we didn't acquire anything. I did however have a nice conversation with a silversmith and got his business card. He had a couple of silver bangle bracelets that I might consider getting later if he would add some engraving or something to them. They were just too plain as they were.

I finished the quilting, blocking, cropping and facing on this piece today. I sandwiched and began quilting on another piece. Didn't get very far. Spent 2 hours taking out quilting that took 15 minutes to put in.

I am enjoying my Mother's day flowers that arrived yesterday afternoon. Aren't they lovely.

I ended the day by taking myself to Barnes and Nobles where I ordered an iced coffee and sat in the cafe area and perused several art books that I did not buy.

Still thinking about the doors at Orr Street Studios, maybe I'll drop by when I am in the city next to return books to the library. This time I'll remember to take my camera so I can show you pictures of some of my favorites.

This is Lyn's latest cake creation. Carrot cake, can't you tell. Since I can't do wheat and she does not like sweets, she took it to church for their after morning service "Coffee meet and greet hour."
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