Monday, June 01, 2009


HE DID IT. HE'S OFFICIALLY OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL. The "walk" put a period behind the fact that John had earned enough credits to finish high school last December before Winter break, but last Saturday, he and 530+ students recieved their deplomas in a tradtional ceromony that saw the kids inflating and banting about several beach balls to the chagrin of the school principle. Leaving us in the audience to wonder how they managed to smuggle the inflatable balls in when they all had to relinquish their cell phone and other items that might cause a disturbance, The hat toss at the end was a great moment too. We didn't toss caps back in the 60's. I don't remember this happening at any of my childrens graduations either.



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I think I missed out on something wonderful.

John was our #1 but I was amazed that nearly a third of the school graduated with honors, a GPA 3.5 or above with 7 students (all girls) who had a perfect 4.0 WOW!!!
If you saw the picture of John in his prom wear you know that his mother had to find a way to tame his hair in order to get it under his cap but they managed.
John marks the half way point for me in seeing grandchildren come of age, I have two to go, both girls and the next graduation will find me in Providence RI beaming as broadly at Joslyn's accompolishment as I did for John. And God willing, in 9 years, be in Louisville for Olivia.

This proud Grandma moment today is taking second place to my art.


Sharon Pendergraft said...

CONGRATULATIONS to John... Lyn....and you too. You look glowingly proud in the picture with the new graduate - and rightly so!

Karoda said...

You and Lynn are one another's mirrors across time...the likeness is so apparent in these photos!

And Congratulations to JOHN! I have a habit of always seeing children the same as when I first met them, so this photo is a jolt to how I recall John.

Caron said...

Congrats to you and John. What a happy time!!!