Monday, June 15, 2009

The Facts, just the facts....

I had a week that was nothing to blog about or take photo's of so here are the facts.
I read three more books and am almost done with the last one before I can start listening to three on CD's.
I saw three movies on Sunday, My Life in Ruin, eeh, Pelham 123, pretty good, and UP, smiling.
On Friday, I went through my stuff and gathered some items to put out in our first since living here garage/yard sale, Lyn at the last minute decided we should participate in our sub-divisions annual event and try to rid ourselves of some no longer being used stuff, like my Gazelle. (this is the only time yard/garage sales are permitted by the community by-laws). We priced it to sell and most of it and a lot of other stuff did. Yea!!!!
I went to ARC and walked daily.
I ate well.
Now for what's coming this week.
I've decided to sell my Janome Gem
I've decided to sell my Janome 7500
I've decided to sell a mechanical Kenmore sewing machine, all have resided in the closet for the time I have lived here. If any one is interested let me know and we will talk.
I've decided to really scale back and clear out a lot of stuff I've been holding onto.
Why now?
Mainly because I have narrowed my focus and for the next year I plan to work only with silk broadcloth and whole cloth compositions.
Even if that wasn't the case I now know I will never use some stuff I've collected like Angelina fibers. My Embellisher and silk roving.
So when I get all the stuff together that I plan to rid myself of, I'll take some pictures and post it on my blog, most will go for the cost of postage and some will be at a nominal cost plus postage.
Check back if you might be interested in seeing what is going.
If no takers, then all that is left will be donated to the Boys and Girls club, the Library or Goodwill.


Gerry said...

What is it? Something in the air? Everyone around me is cleaning up and clearing out.
Is this some sort of 'push' to get me to do the same and clear the mess and get some order in this house?

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