Monday, June 08, 2009

I put down the book I was reading

on Sunday long enough, once the rain stopped, to go with Lyn to Stephens Park for the annual Art in the Park art fair sponsored by the Columbia Art League, an organization I keep telling myself I should join but haven't as yet.
I selected a few of my favorite sites to share with you of our outing.
Those who know me know I have a large elephant collection as a result of no effort on my part. The short of a long story is that I brought one to put on my coffee table back in the 70's when jungle themed wall paper was the rage and an elephant just seemed to go with the decor. Needless to say everyone assumed I liked elephants and from then on for what ever occasion that gifts were in order I got an elephant of some kind. Christmas, birthdays, souvenirs from trips, just because, you name, they arrived. Now I have more elephants, than are probably still in the wilds of Africa and India combined. (a slight exaggeration on my part, forgive me and of course they are not real.)
At any rate; it was good to do an art fair again. My friend Kathy K and I did several together in Louisville when I lived there, but this was the first time I attended one here in Columbia. I can't say that I was disappointed, nor can I say I was impressed. It seemed to be more craft than art and there was an awful lot of jewelry and pottery, few paintings, and only one fiber person. I succumbed and brought a pair of earrings. Not entirely sure why, since I wear the same 2 pair of earring everyday (2 holes in each ear lobe) until I loose one which doesn't happen often.

Of course with my love of flowers I was drawn to these made of stainless steel. WONDERFUL. And yes, I did ask the artist whose wares I took pictures of if it was okay for me to do so.
These trees made of wire and old pieces of drift wood were done by Wayne Trinklein of St. Peters, Missouri. They were so neat and soooo expensive. But tempted I was almost as much as I was with the flowers pictured above.

Lyn found this artist's work amusing and I did too. Notice I found something with flowers in this booth as well that brought a smile even though it had a HUGH bug attached.

Walking, eating healthy, now back to reading.
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