Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Knit one, purl two or ch1, dc in next st


Yes I am knitting  and crocheting.  Two activities I have not done in years. 


Several days ago I got an email from one of the ladies I meet with on Fridays.  She was forwarding a request from a group of  hospitals in the Orlando area that cater to women  and babies.  They wanted to  acknowledge Heart Health Month by having every baby wear a red knitted or crocheted hat while in the nursery.  So they were asking  knitters and hookers to make 1,000  red hats.

I have a soft spot for babies,  after all I had four.  I also have a soft spot for preemies since NICU was where I spent several years as a nurse in my really early nursing career.

While I haven't knitted or crocheted as I said in years, the needles for these two crafts do not take up much room, so I still had them stored in a drawer as well as several balls of year that I could not bring myself to get rid of.  Several happened to be red.  More blue red that what I would call heart red, but hey, red is red.

The first hat I crochet I used a variegated cotton yarn to see if I could get comfortable doing it.  It was like riding a bike.  Once you know how you never forget.  Same with the knitting, although it did take several tries getting the hang of working with double pointed needles that I went out and brought on New Years day from Joann's after I spent several hours earlier being frustrated with trying to knit in the round using the magic loop techniques.  For the non knitters that is a way to  knit in the round on a single set of cable needles.

I did not have a number of hats I wanted to donate to the cause in mind when I started, but since
New Years Eve I have  knitted or crocheted nine hats and I should finish the 10th one before bedtime tonight. 

Now I have decided I see how many I can make before the turn in deadline of January 15.

Hope everyone 2017 is getting off to a great and creative start.

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