Monday, December 06, 2010

This year I was ready

for the Light Up the Holidays Festival at the lake behind the building where I live. Last year the fireworks, which I love, caught me by surprise and had me wondering for a time what was going on when I kept hearing the booms that come with fireworks and not being able to see where the sound was coming from. When I ventured out to the lake at 5:30 PM  last Saturday the temperatures were in the mid 60's with a breeze and children and parents were everywhere. The north side of the lake was set up for children with train rides, face painting and people creating animals with balloons. At the amphitheater on the south side of the lake children's groups were performing short skits and singing and scores of vendors lined the adjacent street. 

The performances weren't anything to write home about but as once a parent of little people I know each and every child there singing their heart out had someone who sat through it all smiling and proud.
Shortly after 6:30 when dark had fallen, the fireworks began and the lights on the tree and all the lighted figures came on perfectly on cue as the first firework exploded from the two platforms anchored in the middle of the lake .
I was standing on the bridge at the west side of the lake and had a wonderful view of the fireworks and all the lights including the 60 foot tree.
It was a nice way to spend about two hours.
By the time I was ready to call it quites for day the temperature had dropped into the 50's and I was wishing that there was someone  at my house waiting with a cup of hot chocolate in hand for me.
Next year I'll try to remember to have a cup waiting to be zapped in the microwave.
Tonight I am going to the local quilt guild's holiday meeting. 
I hope your Season of Peace and Joy is getting off to a good start as well.

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