Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My latest venture out and about

on my own with Olivia in tow brought me to this art supply store about 5 miles up the or down the road. Not sure which is appropriate for where I am staying. Up or down, I just know driving in the direction Rene' says leads back to Orlando and eventually the airport, the long way.

When I couldn't locate the Pearl Art Supply Store that I found listed as a result of my Internet search, I was told my a very helpful sales person in Calico Corner's that Pearl had gone out of business several months ago. When I asked if there was some place besides Michael's, to buy art supplies in the area she said there were two. The one she preferred was a little further up or down the road from were I was and the other and larger one, an equal distance away but on route 17/92.
Not wanting to get lost I decided I wouldn't attempt to find the second one she mentioned, but promised myself that I would check it out the next time I am here.

Staying on the same road toward Orlando Route 436, Art Systems was easy to find and I decided for now, that this store seemed to have everything that I generally use, including a supply of procion dyes. Of course, I would have to be in an extremely desperate situation to buy a jar instead of waiting for an order to arrive direct from Pro Chemical.

I was over joyed to find that they also carry my favorite brand of paint brushes and that they give both student and instructor discounts. How great is that.


The humidity was noticeably lower today and no rain, so a trip to the garden to knit was in order while Rene and Olivia went off to bowl.
I will be on my way back to Louisville on Thursday. Sadly, only one more day of walking around the lake. I'm going to miss doing that.

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On the subject of what's happening with me and art. I got a phone call yesterday notifying me that I was selected to hang some of my quilts in Ann Arbor, Michigan for two months beginning Feb. 12, 2010. Yea!!!!
I will let you know more details when I get home and read the official notification complete with gallery configuration information (wall height and running feet measurements). I think if I work hard I should be able to get 4-6 new pieces completed before the first of Feb. What do you think?


Susan Turney said...

I can't wait to see them. The last one you posted....yellow background...is still my all-time favorite!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you can complete several new pieces for this show and I cannot wait to see them.
Love your work.


Karoda said...

If I'm recalling correctly will this be just a one day stop in Louisville or longer? Did you get the notice in your inbox about the workshops at the Crow barn? Benn/Morgan in 2010 and 11! I must think long range...but I've yet to do any figuring but I'm thinking I want both consecutive weeks with them next year.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Juanita! You are so deserving and the people who get to view it will be so inspired! Patty