Sunday, July 19, 2009

The sun comes up,

the clouds roll in, then it rains and after a period the sun returns. I getting use to the weather pattern here.
Yesterday I walked around the lake three times. I was up and out an hour earlier than I was on Friday. I was pleased that the temperature was about 10 degress less but can't say the humidty was any kinder. The first mile is the hardest... there is still pain... the second better and by the third mile I can up the pace.
I visited a church in the neighborhood for Saturday Mass and was pleased with the warmth of those there and plan to return there for services while here.
While I churched, Rene and Olivia went to the food market.
After the groceries were put away we went to the Science Museum for the Mr.Potato Head and the Grossology exhibit.
While these two exhibit were interesting, the Mr. Potatto Head one was too young in concept and hands on activities for Olivia and the Grossology exhibit wasn't exactly what I had thought it would be. (not gross). However there were other interesting exhibits and things to see and try in the Museum that kept us there and Olivia entertained for over two hours. I forgot the camera, so no pictures.

Today we are being a little lazy. Well not really. Rene is taking on-line classes and had a paper that was due today so for most of the morning she had been at her computer. Olivia slept late and now we are trying to decide what to do for the rest of today. I have returned to taking Sunday's off from my exercise routine. So no three mile walk today.

Yesterday we thought a trip to the beach sounded good, but that didn't happen. But I do think we need to go out to get a three way splitter for the computer hook-up. It seems that Rene needs to be on-line at the same time that Olivia would like to be and I want to be, so with one desk top and two lap tops, a splitter will solve the problem for us.

I still haven't solved the problem of why I can not send replies to the e-mails I get. This happened when I was in Louisville and using my ATT connect system in Starbucks but I had no problem when I was in Panera using their free WiFi.
At the hotel in Fayetteville, NC I could send and recieve through their connection , but here at Rene's I can't reply using her cable connect nor the Wifi the apartment complex has for use in public areas (pool and lounge).

I'm knitting to keep my fingers busy, but they are itching to do some sketching so I think a trip out for a sketch book might be in order for today too.

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