Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Things are rolling right along

here in Florida. Yesterday I had planned to drive to Deland to see an art quilt exhibit, "Eye of the Needle" in a gallery there. But Olivia was having a "do I have to get up now" morning. Being the Grand mom, I said no and let her sleep in. About noon we went to the pool instead and later walked to the Subway for very late lunch followed by a visit to Cold Stone Creamery. She got strawberry and chocolate ice cream in a waffle bowl with Reese's pieces and chunks of Snickers, I got unsweetened "tart and tangy" frozen yogurt, YUM!!!
Later when Rene go home from work we went to the bowling alley. I sat and knitted. Then it was off to the Sweet Tomatoes for dinner.
I am still enjoying my three laps around the lake which I do on Tuesday. However on Monday it rained and I took the elevator to the seventh floor of Rene's apartment building instead and walked on one of three treadmills in the exercise room.
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