Tuesday, August 09, 2011

My trip to Atlanta went well

If I were to tell you all that happened to me before I got out of town on Friday at 2:00PM four hours later than I had planned I would be well on my way to writing my first novel. So I will just condense it to say. I got to see my grandson Justin in his sailor uniform for all of 3 hours before he left on a plane from Orlando to Virginia Beach via Louisville.
I spent almost all of today looking for a car to replace the one I was using because it died from not having enough oil which I wasn't aware of because the oil light did not come on to warn me that the oil level was low, let alone totally  informing me that it was completely out.
I have a couple of more car to see tomorrow. I haven't car shopped since 2003 and I had forgotten how awful the experience is. It is so hard to convince a sales person that you could care less about a car... all it has to do is go forward, stop when it should, go in reverse and in Florida, have air conditioning. I have never brought a car to impress others and expensive cars do not impress me. Color isn't important either, however I prefer not to have a black car, but have been driving one ever since I've been in Florida so I really can't
say I wouldn't buy another black one, but I really was in  a red or yellow car mood today. My daughter Lyn who arrived on Thursday kept vetoing car because she said they didn't look like me. When I asked her what kind of a car I looked like, she said I looked like the Jeep Liberty that I drove for years and that I look like someone who would drive a bright yellow or cherry red VW Bug. My first car was a yellow 1970 Bug.  On the other hand, I've had such fun driving Rene's Mini cooper that I went to look at those too, but there wasn't one that insisted it come home with me. So the car search continues.
Now on to the subject quilts/art.
Here are some candid shots of some of the 20 ladies who took the workshop I taught in the Atlanta area last Saturday. I never got close to the city. The art center where the class was held was a good distance south of the city near the airport. I must say,
I had a wonderful time and enjoyed my time there very much. I also enjoyed the quilts they had displayed at the art center.   I got to meet and talk to  some of the women who had made them.
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Rozcat said...


Your class was wonderful and inspirational. I absolutely loved learning the soy milk painting technique. Even more wonderful was your trunk show of your quilts and hearing your tips for making award winning quilts. I look forward to taking the Flowers In The Round Class. I think I will order some water color paints today!

Rosalind Rubens Newell