Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hot, humid with a chance of a thunder storm

I have heard that forcast for months on end now and I am getting rather tired of it.   It's cloudy and raining now and dispite me promising not to whine about the weather here I go again. Whine , whine, whine....
What is it about summer that makes you want to sip ice tea recline somewhere in the shade and read.  Around here the shade is hot and humid so I stay in the house and do the two other things.  Iced tea and read.   I haven't posted any pictures of any quilts I am working on because you see I am moving in slow motion.  It seems dispite what awaits on my Autumn calendar I am in procrastion mode.  Quilting sparatically.  But I have read more books than I can tell you about.  The latest being some by Cathering Coulter, Daniel Silva and Lisa Gardner.
I am coordinating the bus trip my local quilt guild sponsors to the Jacksonville, FL quilt show each year.  I've been aware of this show for years and did not attend the last two dispite me living close enough to have driven there myself.   But this year I thought I would volunteer for this guild project so I would attend with someone else doing the driving.  But the reservation for seats on the bus are coming in so slow that the trip might get cancelled if there isn't a big pick up before the next meeting scheduled at the end of this month.
Dispite looking all over the Orlando Metro area for a car I didn't get very far in finding a car I wanted.  Well I did drool over a yellow VW bug on one lot and a red one on another... more accurately and most importantly I didn't come upon one I wanted to pay for.  They all seemed to cost more than what I thought it was  worth to have a car parked in the garage just in case I wanted to go somewhere.  My days of needing a car are over.  When I got down to it, in most cases; for at least  29 days out of the month I have no where  I have to go that I can't walk to or catch the bus to that doesn't puts me off at a stop just steps away from my destination.  I can say there is great public transportation here in the Orlando area. 
I know I have whined about the hot humid rainy weather and having a car to travel about in would get me out of all that, but the hot humid and rainy season  will only last a few more weeks.    So I am so over a new car or a good late model new to me used car.
On a brighter note, I am having a second mechanic looking at the Kia and he had better news for me when he called yesterday about how much less in his estimation it will cost to repair it.  So I am hoping for the best there and  maybe if I cross my fingers and say a little prayer the  cost to repair will  not  be much more than I can get for it if I decide to sell  it for what I have been offered by  junk car buyers.
In the mean time i think I'll do a little more machine quilting before I get back to my  latest book.

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