Thursday, September 01, 2011

as far as whine goes

this is proving to be a very good summer.  But thankfully  I think it is coming to an end.   September is my signal that  summer is ending and the weather that this area is famous far is approaching maybe with that to look forward to some of the piddly things that seemed to make me whine so much these last  few month will not seem so whine-worthy.
  The latest  whine-able thing in my life happened two days ago as I was searching online for the next author and a series of books I wanted to read, is my trusty lap top died, well the motherboard did.  I shouldn't have been totally surprised.  I've had it and thoroughly used it for five years.  The space bar was not working and the tracking ball was temperamental.  Good thing I had the sense to copy everything to backup disc a couple of weeks ago.  So all I will loose is the most recent stuff, unless I choose to have everything downloaded from the internal hard drive to an external one. 
It looks like I will be shopping for a laptop over the weekend,  HMMM maybe there will be some sales.  For now I am in the business center using one of the four computers they have on site for the residents to use.
Update on car. I found a used Toyota Corolla, one owner, well maintained, silver in color.  A far cry from the Yellow VW Bug I saw myself tooling about in.  I am NOT whining about this.  My requirement for a car was only that it went forward, had air conditioning and stopped when I needed to stop.  This one does a whole lot more than that, so I am pleased.
I hope all who read my blog, know that I whine in jest.  Watching television this past weekend and seeing all the damage so many people incurred as a result of their  encounter with IRENE I know  they on the other hand  have big problems, not piddly ones like I do and are truly justified to do more then whine.  My thoughts and prayers are with them.
I will get back to you all soon.


quiltingnana said...

I am holding my breath about my laptop. You were wise to back everything up...I should.

Mary said...

You've made a great choice in cars. My first Corolla went to 200,000 miles. Several later, my current one is a '96 with 94,000 miles. I plan to drive it forever. May I suggest looking at Macs if you haven't already. We've found them as reliable as Corollas. When there has been an occasional problem, Apple Care fixes it for free. Mary