Thursday, September 22, 2011

A cup of tea

was my reward for having finished this piece in time to meet the deadline for the Mancuso World Quilt/Florida show.  I'm looking at it from across the room, trying to see if I needed to add some final touches.  A shadow here or there.  It remains on the foam board while I check out the second set of images I took this morning.  The first set I took this morning was distorted because I did not shoot them straight on and without the use of a tri-pod.  So the second time I used a long level to verify straight.  Taking short cuts often makes a chore take longer as it did in this case.
So  now I need to go shopping for a pair of black pants to wear to the opening reception at  Bethune Cookman University tomorrow evening and I need to get to the market. I'm out of staples, like milk, coffee, blue berries and Charmine.
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Susan Turney said...


Carol said...

Wow, Juanita this looks scrumptuous, if you can call flowers scrumptuous. It's simple awesome. I'm loving it.

Jean said...

Simply beautiful!!!!