Friday, September 16, 2011

All done

Thanks to Lyn.  We were up and at it early today.  She was the driver again as well as the one who was  up and down the ladder.  She also has a wonderful eye for "level" and "straight"  which is so important when hanging stuff on  walls.  Yes... I know how important a tool a level is and we did have one along with the hammer and nails.  I am looking down from the balcony area after making a final trip through the three gallery levels to make sure all was ship shape and it was. Lyn is rolling up the pieces we did not hang, not that I had planned to.  Here's Grace, Lyn and me not pictured putting sticky backed velcro on the back of the labels for our pieces.

Space in the main lobby
In the above picture I am looking down from the mezzanine level.  There are two other areas in the gallery that I have pieces displayed.  So in total there are 12 pieces on exhibit.  So again, if you are in the area, stop in and see all the exhibit in person.
Here is the exhibit space Lyn talked me into adding  a couple of more pieces to the display section you  see in the  picture  above.   It faces the main entry door to the lobby so it is a good spot to have several pieces featured.  The quilt at the bottom is one of Lyn's  favorites she told me today and one of two  pictured in the 500 Art Quilts Book

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Susan Turney said...

They all look fabulous!