Thursday, July 21, 2011

Painting is done

Finished the painting part of this piece on Tuesday evening and spent a lot of yesterday thinking of what next. I have two yards of silk broadcloth dry and ready to go. While I was thinking creatively yesterday I was also thinking business and spent some time sitting at the laptop ordering supplies for the painting class I am teaching in Atlanta. I was told on Monday that the class was full (20) which is the largest class I have taught this process to since putting it on my classes to teach list.
So when I really think about it I might not get to start something new certainly not two somethings before I have to get busy assembling the kits for this class.
Good news for Rene' not so much for me. My daughter Rene' has accepted a job in our home town of Louisville, KY and will start this new job on August 1. And NO I have no plans to return to Louisville now or in the future. I really love living here. But I will miss her and miss our "going to the movie dates" and our "lets run around doing nothing really special dates" or "art festival dates"
It took me a few hours to get over the sad, but I am a grown woman who is perfectly capable of doing these things by myself. Plus she is keeping her condo so she will be back on holiday/vacations, etc.   Best of all her new job requires a lot of travel , which she LOVES doing and I know in the past when she has had this type of job I benefited from it, because when she goes to a city she thinks I should see she invites me to come along and check it out. Who knows when or to where I will be traveling to in the future.
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Karoda said...

Okay, I can keep hope alive that you'll grace Louisville living sometime in the future, but I can't hardly blame you for staying put!

Sharon P. said...

Just the movement in the petals!! Sorry Rene is moving...but the adventures you'll have traveling with her will help ease the pain.....I know it would me!!!

Robbie said...

Congrats to Rene'...and I hope you get to 'travel' with her sometime in the future. I just love this piece...the colors are beautiful. I'll have to keep checking your blog to see when you are teaching in Florida next winter. Love your work!
Oh, I'm on the 3rd book of the 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' series. Hard to get started on but good read(s)!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Call me tonight or tomorrow, when you have time. Your phone called me twice last night. Non-artist