Friday, July 01, 2011

I've had my cheese, now for some whine

When I left the cold north for the sunny south, I thought my days of living with SAD (seasonal affect disorder) was a thing of the past. For all the months I've lived here leading up to last month (June) even when there was rain in the  forecast, it seemed that I would  woke to a sunny morning or the clouds would dissipate somewhere around noon, or it would cloud up and pour about 4 in the afternoon and then stop and the sky would clear and the sun would return.  No SAD.
 But starting about the first of last month, I have been waking to cloudy skies; living with cloudy skies for most of the day, then the rains come.   Heavy at times and at other times not so.  There have been threatening sky that spawn tornadoes but none touching down near by.  Sometimes it just a much needed steady rain. So who am I to complain about that.   We do suffer brush and forest fires here and in some areas so far this year there have been many.  Sometimes with the rain there is lightening and thunder but in most cases, its just the wet stuff.  But for me sadly for the last month the sky have never totally cleared for long. 
From the inside looking out it looks like a northern winter if not for the palm trees.  It is only when I go outside into the humidity and heat and see flowers blooming does my head stop wanting to think cold and winter.
So today when the sky was grey and all I wanted to do was curl up with a book on my Nook (the fifth of the Camel Club series) and a cup of tea I decide after lunch to get out of the house and lose myself in a movie.  I went to see Transformers 3: Dark side of the moon. I know, I know, but it was fun and I enjoyed it. It rained while I was in the theatre and it continues to mist rain even now.
I am not sad to say I did not make the July 1 deadline for a piece I planned  to send to Houston. Despite my all out effort to create a piece that incorporated words I could not produce a piece that was "me". Me is color, me is flowers, me is more and more in love with painting using watercolor pigments and soy milk soaked silk broadcloth. Me just needs to accept that and not make work to a theme unless it is 'my" theme" and go with it.
Now that I am working on something that makes me happy I thought I would share my progress as I work on it. The piece measures 45" long by 60 " wide, but quilting and cropping will bring it done a few inches in both directions when I am done. I will be part of the exhibit I will be doing at Bethune Cookman University in September, 2011. I am driving up to Daytona  on the 8th to look at the gallery space so I have an idea if I have enough work for the commitment or if I have to really get busy, turn on a lot of lights in the apartment and forget about the lack of sunshine outside.
My youngest granddaughter Olivia is coming to visit for the month of July and will arrive on Sunday in time for the big fireworks display at the lake. Last year's show was really great. I'm sure this year will be the same. They are expecting over 200,000 people to crowd into the Uptown Altamonte area.  If it doesn't rain, I'm sure they will hit that number.
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