Monday, October 17, 2011

Here in apartment 434

I am in full get it ready mode.  Every flat surface is covered with stuff for the two upcoming workshop I will be doing for the Peace River Quilt Guild over on the Gulf side of the state. 
As I was settling my head on my pillow last night something popped into my head and wouldn't let my eyes close.  That something was the thought that I hadn't done not one thing since last week that spoke of my creativity.  Dyeing yards and yards of fabric didn't count.  Sitting at the computer ordering stuff didn't count.  Making a pot of chili sort of did, but with no one here to compliment me on how good it tasted.... Well if I to say so myself, it tasted pretty good.
Back to creativity.  So instead of willing myself to go to sleep, I got up and pulled out the last of my painted silk compositions and started the process of sandwiching it and I went back to bed, only to get back up 15 minutes later.  I cleaned and oiled my sewing machine, put in a new needle and started to quilt.  AHHH... the sound of the machine was like a shout of "calm".  Just stitching for less then 15 minutes was all it took for that little creative voice in my head to say,  "Now you can go to bed." 

And I did and slept really well.  This morning I will stitch for a while, do a little housekeeping, go off to the bank, pick up a few things from Wal-mart  and while I am out I'll drop off a package at UPS. I'm returning something to Joann's which I purchased on line. 
Then later I will be off to a 5:30 PM meeting of the guild's raffle quilt committee. 
The rest of the week looks a lot like the past week but with more stitching time. 
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