Thursday, October 20, 2011

Someone viewing my balcony

my balcony from across the court yard might think I was doing the laundy.  But no... this is 21 pieces of  soy milk soaked silk broadcloth air drying.  It is a perfect day here in Central Florida, low humidity, just barely 70 degrees with a breeze that had me looking for socks for my feet. I have used since moving here used one of those collapsible cloths dryer but it makes me have to dry in shifts, so in preparing for an upcoming class I had to come up with a way of drying a greater quantity all art once.  Thus the clothes line strung between two high backed patio chairs.

The weight of the wet silk had the chair wanting to fall over backwards.  Nine yards of wet silk is heavy.   I counter balanced it with jugs of drinking water. I always have gallon jugs of water some in the apartment to drink, cook with and especially to  make my coffee and tea with.  Having grown up in Louisville, KY with some of the best tasting water in the USA the water here is hard to swallow.  I never got used to the drinking water in Columbia, MO either.  Good thing jugs of water do not cost much.
  Doing a little quilting, no reading, and working steadily on getting artist to participate in the "Faces of Color" exhibit.  Oh didn't I tell you that my proposal for the exhibit was accepted so  it is full steam ahead with my plans.  Stay tuned and you guys will be the first to learn of all the details.
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It was great talking to you. Congrats........STAY STRONG