Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Outside it has been rather cold

as you can see by the frozen water in the garden fountain. Inside has been very different as I warm and comfy, worked on my latest piece that very much say, ah...Spring. When cropped and faced should measure about 40" wide by 58" long. Facing should be done by this time tomorrow and then it is on to the last piece I have time to finish before getting my inventory list and other paper work sent off via e-mail on the 18th of this month. All work needs to be packed and out of here on or about the 27th.
I have taken to walking at 3 in the afternoon around the lake as opposed to first thing in the morning.
Then I will turn most of my time to renovating a new to me condo which will mean getting proper lighting installed in one of the two bedroom I will use as my studio space. I know I have raved about where I reside currently, but living here as just made me realize that I love this area well enough to look for something more permanent and much more to how I want to live my life. It isn't so much that I have a problem with looking at my studio space as I am having my morning coffee or while sitting on the sofa knitting, it just that I really do like the idea of having a space that is contained and defined as a studio.
So I will keep you informed as to my progress in getting this new to me space completed. I will be off in a few minutes to meet the house inspector who will give me the good and the bad about my new home.

"Ah Spring", I think I will call this piece.
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Gerry said...

Great hearing from you. You were on my mind this week.
Love, 'Ah, Spring' - your best ever.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Exciting news!
I'll stay tuned.

Carol said...

The finished piece is even more breathtaking than I anticipated. Is it free motion machine embroidered or dyed? Best wished for the new move.

Juanita Yeager said...

Hi Carol,
this piece is free motion embroidery more sketching with a needle rather than thread painting which is more heavily threaded. Also fabric markers and ink was used for added color, highlight and shadows. A lot of work, more work than I thought it would going in and not a technique I will do in the future I don't think or maybe I am still to close to having finished it to want to do it again.