Tuesday, December 29, 2015

About ready to paint

Worked on this painting this morning and it is about ready to quilt, but I think  I will live with it a day or two on the design wall before I do.  .  I have the other half yard of silk that is  ready to paint on and I have selected several flowers for another composition so I think while I have the paints out I will do another painting before settling myself into quilting.  Will show you this piece when it is quilted, possibly in a few weeks.
This afternoon I am going to check my Isacord thread inventory.  I am out of several colors that I use a lot.  Most of the time I order what I need online and wait for the Postman or UPS guy to come.  But this time I can buy local and bring it home immediately.   
 The Sewing Studio, a mini-version of  the now out of business Baer Fabrics in Louisville, KY is having their New Years Day 40% off sale.  Brings back memories of when I was first into quilting, and how I  was willing to stand in a block long lines to get that same percent off at Baer's on Super Bowl Sunday. Baer's had an efficient systems of getting you served and so does the Sewing studio especially if you are not wanting fabric cut, which I am not.

Thread, just the thread and maybe some other notions that I can serve myself to.

Wishing you peace, joy and a very creative New Year


Karen Davis said...

Oh, how I miss Baer's!!!! It seems so wrong that they no longer are there on Market Street.

A Nudge said...

Another gorgeous quilt in the making on your design wall. Happy New Year, Juanita!