Sunday, September 27, 2015

Gave up on Windows 10

and reset my computer.  Of course by doing that and not thinking, I lost all of the pictures I had taken and uploaded this summer. 
I continue to be busy traveling about the state teaching.  My sister in law ( my late husbands oldest sister)  was here for a week long visit about  a week or so ago.  She is selling her home in LA and is planning to move near Rene' (my daughter) and I next January. I foresee some alterations in my life coming and I am trying to be positive about this development.
I taught a class in St Augustine that was held at the County extension office.  I took some pictures of the gardens that were all a flutter with butterflies. 
Seeing these cockscombs growing reminded me of my friend Marti's garden. 
Was home for almost two weeks then it was off to Appleton WI.
Did better with taking pictures of the class but not the sights I saw.  Sometimes I wish I was more of a shutterbug. 
Had 20 in the class which was held in one of the four quilt  shops in Appleton.  I visited two others while I was there and of course some pieces of fabric insisted on coming home with me on the plane.
Here's Kim, she used to live in Florida.  I remembered her face and was happy that she decided to come to Appleton for my class. 
Here's a really bad picture of  the  Lake Michigan/Wisconsin State shoreline as the plane flew south out of Milwaukee.  I enjoyed my time in Appleton, but as always, it is so nice to be home.

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