Saturday, November 24, 2007

A fair bit of time has passed

since I last posted and that is because I have been really, really busy and productive. I have been seduced by thickened dye. If you were to see my fingernails you'd know just how much I have been. Despite using gloves and the care that I take, some how it seems to sneak up and attach itself to me. I've been spending a lot of time in the garage in the area I set up for dyeing and printing and have resorted to an electric space heater to ward of the chilly air when layers of clothes, heavy socks and a knit cap on the head isn't quite enough.
I am euphoric, almost dancing with glee. The work is oozing out of me at an alarming rate. Since returning from Louisville about 2 weeks ago. I have finished three silk screened/painted pieces all measuring about 30-33" by 48-50" which was the largest size piece of fabric I could stretch on my print table. With some thought I have figured out how to print in sections on larger pieces of fabric using the same size table but have not done a piece at this time that is wider than 45 inches. I have 5 new pieces batching and waiting to be washed out and two pieces pinned to the design wall waiting to be sandwiched and quilted. One of which is another large pieced flower in my poppy series that I left in parts and pieces months ago.
Yep, got around to finishing the top and plan to sandwich it and begin quilting on it soon.
Well, it is second in line for that step at this moment. There is one ahead of it that is asking to be quilted first. And I will try not to let one of the newest five usurp it. But you never know.
I've been thinking about if I want to do Christmas this year. I know it comes whether I want to do it or not, but I meant do I want to deck the halls etc or do I want to do simple like last year. A small table top tree with simple ornaments and pots of poinsettias placed about. I do love the cheery red colored ones for this time of year when all is grey and cold. Chistmas isn't Christmas without them. Whatever the case I'll have to send one of the Grand boys to the attic to bring it down no matter if I do simple or grand.
We are expecting a few snow flakes to fall from the skies in this area sometimes today which sets the mood for those out shopping and scurrying about looking for bargains. I will not be at the Mall amongst them although I do need to go downtown into the District as they call it here. I was in town last Tuesday to pick up three pieces from the gallery that have not sold in what I consider a reasonable time frame. I took six new pieces to sell and did not wait around for them to remove the others and pack them up. I was having a change of the weather bad body hurting day and returned home with a store brought salad, a stack of art books from the library and took to my bed with hot tea and heavy blankets.
On Wednesday I was better and back in the garage.
On Thursday I ate turkey and too much other stuff and lounged about like the majority of American after the feast. Lyn did all the prep work for our dinner, all I did was slide the pie in the oven and listen for the timer. This is one of the six pieces I took to the gallery I've shown it before. It is my first successful attempt at deconstructed screen printing or breakdown screen printing as some call it.

3 comments: said...

CJ and I tried thicken Dye...tried it on small pieces 11x17 but would love to try on a larger piece. In two weeks or so I will give it a go...on the next work break probably. Finding a place to let it cure is the problem.

Ms. V

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Deb said...

This is a stunning piece! Is there discharge involved here too?

Do you find that there's a fine line between the thickener (I used alginate) being an effective carrier and becoming a resist keeping a lot of the dye away from the fabric? Maybe I didn't fool with it enough to learn the right proportions but I hated that my thickened pieces seem pale, washed out.