Thursday, December 13, 2007

From where I sit

I can see out of the window. It is winter here despite the calendar saying it is still Fall. The ice and a light layer of snow from the first of the week is still hanging around waiting for the snow that is suppose to be coming our way by the weekend. I know the east coast is getting creamed and I am thinking of my son and his "girls" which is how I refer in the plural to his wife Mel(who with love I have in the past refer to as Saint Maryellen) and their daughter Joslyn. They live in Providence. RI.
So now there are FIVE.I have finished my latest Poppy piece, which I think is Poppy Number Nine or it could be ten. I have to go back to my list of works to see. I'm loosing count. It too has jointed the roll of quilts at the foot of the bed awaiting sleeves and a label.
Because of the ice, the Poinsettias were not delivered until late yesterday and they are gorgeous. Worth waiting for. I stopped working on my latest piece long enough to make bows for them as I placed them around the living room. Nothing says Christmas to me more than traditional red and green and these flowers.
For most of today and tomorrow and for some time on Saturday, I will be working on this piece. More than likely adding it too to the accumulating works at the foot of the bed because there are still two, maybe three tops that need quilting which I am looking forward to with more excitement than attaching sleeves. Does anyone know of a sleeve attaching service available for those of us who hate this part of the process.
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Just kidding. I am getting movies from Netflix (thanks Miss Mel for the heads up.) My first four selections came yesterday and despite the fact that the television sits less than five feet from my sewing table I found I could not quilt and keep up with the plot of the movie I was watching. It was a thriller. I love thrillers, mysteries, Police drama who done-its and spy flicks; all which require attentiveness. Because I can not just sit down and do nothing, not even for a good movie that I am really into, I plan to do sleeves while viewing. I see all five quilts disappearing from the foot of my bed fairly soon.

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Rian said...

Juanita, I have enjoyed reading your blog this morning and am smitten with your poppies. The colors are joyous! I'd love to know how you do the no-binding finish on your quilts, but it might be a long time before I get to your neck of the woods.