Thursday, April 26, 2012

It feels so good to have something finished

No name for it yet and no sleeve or label.  Just finished hand sewing down the facing.  With no destination in mind for it, It will live in the closet for now.
One thing I did learn as I was quilting this piece; I do not like using two layers of batting instead of my usual one layer of Warm and Natural and layer of wool blend felt.  I had to move up a needle size from my usual size 11 embroidery needle to a 14 because the thread kept shredding.  Using the 14 solved the problem but before I decided that it was the needle size that was the problem I changed needles several times,  re threaded the machine many times and said a few unpleasant words more than a few times.
I am getting used to the non-hopping foot on the Janome Horizon and decided to add the supplimental thread holder to the back of the machine( making the back of the machine look like the back of a janome 6500 or 6600.  This thread holder makes using the Isacord thread spools I prefer easier.
Need to get to some housekeeping chores done today and begin assembling supplies for my upcoming workshop over in the Tampa area on May 2. So more stitching is not on the agenda for today. 
Beginning a few days ago, for the first time in a long time I am missing Kentucky and the festivities that surround the "Run for the Roses" the Kentucky Derby.  If I didn't have this May 2 class scheduled I would have giving some thought to going.  But I know too that the air fare in and out of Louisville because of the Derby is way too much just to quiet my longing to be there.  Some of this restlessness I know is due to the fact that my son Myke who lives in RI is in Louisville and Lyn having vacation time is going to be there visiting with her soriety sisters who are gathering there during the first week in May.  Rene back from her business trip will be there too.  So all three of my kids will be there and I will be here. 


Anonymous said...

Stunning, absolutely stunning.

Do you still teach via the internet? I live in California and it would not be possible to take a class with you.

Denise in Sacramento

Juanita Yeager said...

Actually I am contemplating doing a DVD. I'll have to think some on doing my painting on silk as an online class. I have been contacted by a group in California to teach there, but I think they are down in the southern part of the state.