Sunday, April 12, 2015

Yesterday an island of messiness remained

Today, ta-dah!
     The studio is in order.  The Spring cleaning bug has left me with wanting to do other spaces in the condo.  First up on my list is ripping out the carpet in the other two bedroom and replacing it with wood flooring.  Then comes the painting of the walls in both rooms and the center hallway.  I'm having a solar tube installed in my center of the house kitchen that gets no daylight.

      Next week the wood floors get installed.   I would have done the two room when I did my bedroom a year ago except the boys didn't want to make their rooms ready for the installers but  now that John the youngest grandson is leaving tomorrow and his room will be emptied of all of his stuff   the time to strike was at hand.  John will be on his way to St. Louis to look for an apartment and enroll in college where he plans to study "Nursing" His room will become my painting studio with a Murphy bed just in case someone drops in from out of town.  That room gets the best light. 
      If and when the oldest grandson leaves I see his room as a sitting/reading/TV watching room.  
      Kitchens, no matter how well appointed, are not my favorite places to hang out.  When I moved here I always had in the back of my mind to change the counter top, ( black Formica) to something far different.  I spent several hours at Home Depot yesterday looking around and finally buying handles for the cabinets and drawers that never had them  and selecting a new sink to go with the Silestone countertop I am having installed. 
     After the longest time, I am almost finished quilting this piece that I started maybe 3-4 months ago.  I have less than two square feet of quilting left to go. 
     Not sure how much studio time I'll get in the next couple of weeks with workmen coming and going.

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