Saturday, January 06, 2007


That's what I can label my life of late. I dabbed with some quilt ideas, but produced nothing. I've started the same silk yarn shawl 5 times only to get about 12 inches of it completed before I look back two or three rows to find a mistake that is so annoying that I have ripped it back to the beginning. Finally gave up on the lace pattern that I was doing. Not because it is difficult to do, but it is difficult for ME to figure out how to correct the mistake once I am beyond the row.

I don't knit to impress anyone or myself for that matter. I knit to calm, to keep my hands busy when my eyes and brains are engaged on and in the boob tube. I am taking the shawl and yarn with me to Louisville to help fill the time after I return to my hotel room at night and when sleep comes.

I will be in Louisville all next week. Seeing friends,"the Kathies" for sure. I will stay through Saturday so I can help hang Form Not Function, be present for the judging and attend the opening. I need to weight some dye powders that I left with Marti to bring back to Columbia. I am out of my favorite reds, red-oranges and one grey value step set that I don't want to wait until Marti and I do our annual one week long BIG DYE in the summer session.

I am taking all of the completed top I've done with me to Louisville for evaluation and welcomed comments from my critique group (dear friends, all) Maybe hearing their comments will give me a better sense of direction for me.

If I can figure out how to post from there I will.

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