Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What is one more

I left home to sunshine two Sunday's ago. Got to within 25 miles of St Louis and was greeted by rain that followed me all but the last 20 miles to Louisville.
I arrived in Louisville and was greeted at my friend Kathy's house by all of these darling little faces. Who doesn't love Ragged Ann Dolls? Kathy loves them far, far far more than most I learned when I met her almost 10 years ago. My, has it been that long? Her home is as easy to stay in as the casusalness of the doll who have taken up residence there. If she has this many faces looking at her everyday, I felt like what was one more (me.
Her condo looks out on a park but there was litte time for me to enjoy the view. This stand of trees caught my attention on the evening before I was to leave.
I returned to 2 inches of ice in the drive way although the roads all the way were dry. We are expecting snow this evening. Now that I am home, who cares.

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