Tuesday, February 05, 2008

When your mind is divided

and involved in to many things, it is really hard to make something that reguires too much of your creative brain. This is the work that got done in the studio this week as my brain has been divided between the books on CD and the characters therein that I have gotten very attached to, the political debates, the Super Bowl, Tiger Woods in Dubia and some knitting. Sorry you have to look at all the other stuff in the studio and not just the image of the quilt. I don't know why sometimes when I crop an image it stays cropped when I post it to my blog and at other time it does not. I did crop this image, but as you see, this was one of those days when the cropping refused to materialize.
It has been like Spring here for two days and because all of the above, missed an opportunity to spend two days in the garage dyeing, or screen printing or whatever but I don't feel to bad because I really did not have an idea at the back of my head to delve into at any rate, just in case.
A group of ladies here have decided to start a hands on during meetings surface design group that I am looking forward to participating in. Our first meeting will be in a week are so.
Today it is raining and a varitable deluge began just as Lyn and I got to the polling place this morning, but rain did not stop us from trudging through it to Vote. I hope all of you who are in the States that are voting today have done the same or are planning to do so before the polls close.
I have one more book to hear after the one I am listening to now. And it is a very good thing. I think I had better take a break from Lt. Dallas and her New York Police Department crew. She is getting to be an addiction close to what I can imagine someone waiting each day for their favorite Soap can become even though I know at some point there will be no more books about her available at the library.

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