Saturday, February 23, 2008

The second from the bottom it is...

and WHY. I think it is because you move about in the piece better. Your eye swings from the center of the bloom to the right edge and back to the center. In addition the negative space at the right edge is more interesting.
The hardest thing for me to accept when I was newer at making original work was that cropping 99% of the time made my work visually better.
Yes I know in this case as well as in most instances I have done a lot of quilting in the areas that will be removed, or painting or piecing. But having a better piece in the end far out weights the tears shed over what will go into a trash bin. And aren't I lucky,I can do this with my quilted work.

I will crop it down to get this today and live with it for a few hours before I put the facing on and yes the sleeves too. The label and a title once again will have to wait.


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