Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I use them every day

and I would be useless without them for anything I need to see in detail, but for some reason going to buy eye glasses is almost as much a pain for me as going to the dentist. Generally I do this eye glass thing every other odd numbered year in January, but I let all of 2007 slip by and so I found myself in the third month of 2008 and I was still putting off getting them.
On Saturday I finally broke down and made an appointment for the eye exam which is this morning. Mind you, my eyesight has not changed over much and if I didn't have an astigmatism, over the counter cheater would be an easy out for me, but not any cheaper. I have insurance that covers the total cost of my glasses as long as I don't what Ralph Lauren or DKNY or some other celeb frames riding on the tip of my nose. I did see a reasonable priced frame by Niki the "just do it" people that I liked. So what will be gracing my face in a couple of days will be different from what is there now.
I have finally read and/or listened to all of J. D. Robbs "death series" and am on to other books on CD now that are not as demanding of my full attention. This has left room in my brain for me to start on a new piece with more than an eigth of my mind trained on it.
Right now all I am doing is the pre-quilting in preparation for the applique. Not very interesting at this point I must admit, but it is a way back to getting more into my work.
On the way to making enough work for my solo show, there is always other stuff happens I'ver found out and so it is with this piece I am currently working on. The gallery called last week wanting a large piece for their anual spring show and since they and I had such good reviews from last years spring event, they thought it would be to our mutual benefit for me to make something for the show to add to the what they already have. By the way the show opening should correspond with the time that the Inside Columbiamagazine issue I will be featured in hits the news stands and subscribers mail boxes.


Caron said...

I did the eye exam stuff last week, and my new glasses should be in by the end of this week. Unfortunately, my eyes had changed quite a bit in two years time. I hate shopping for new glasses. What I like never looks good on me! You show me yours, I'll show you mine!

Caron in Michigan

Anonymous said...

Glad your back in the saddle. It was great talking to you last week.
Non Artist