Friday, March 21, 2008

Didn't realize I'd been away so long

but as you can see I have been working.
This is my latest piece, measures 48" x 60" so it was no small effort on my part and a legit reason for me not sitting here blogging.
We are high and dry here in our part of Missouri, but my thoughts have been with all the rest of the State and locales that are under water from the rain we have been having.
I am happy to report the grass in the back yard is greening up and the soil is not washing away like it did our first year here. Although I know I need to complete at least 3-4 four more quilts before the middle of May, I really want to be outside getting the front and back garden cleaned up, mulched and ready for planting flowers, but it is still too wet.
Seeing bunches of daffodils for sale in the local market made me a little sad on Monday of this week and I began mentally chiding myself for not planting Spring bulbs last fall. But that latest only as long as it took for me to purchase 3 bunches of the wonderful yellow things, bring them home and placed them in a large drinking glass where they now sit on the coffee table. I must confess, I have enjoyed them probably as much or more than I would have enjoyed having them growing in the front yard.
May these holiest of days to come bring you peace and joy. Happy Easter.
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Rayna said...

Juanita, this new piece is gorgeous. How do you do it? And especially, how do you work so large? Wonderful!

I am finally catching up and hooted at the nose and glasses - what a riot! I wish I could buy dime store glasses, but alas - my eyes are so different that I need prescriptions.
Nevertheless, I have about 4 pairs of reading glasses, including one out-of-date one for emergencies.

Wishing you a happy holiday.

Anonymous said...

Love the quilt, it was great talking to you yesterday.

Mrs. Mel said...

I love love love your new piece. It makes me want to get back into the studio! Now that's gonna be difficult since it is full of pots, and plants and dirt everywhere!
Happy Easter, a day or two late.

Caron said...

Oh, I LOVE this beautiful quilt! How beautiful!

Caron in Michigan