Thursday, March 06, 2008

I'm in love... I'm in love

No, not with a guy... but with a quilting foot and my new glasses. Here they are perched on the nose of a holder that Karoda gave me. Karoda knows from being around me, how many times I can turn in place searching for my glasses because I cannot remember where I left them laying. To off-set that small failing on my part, I had at least a 1/2 dozen of those over-the-counter drug store variety readers that I could snatch up and use in pinch. Since this rather large nose thing sits on the shelf behind where I sit at my sewing machine, most often my glasses can be found there and my collection of over the counter ones are no longer pressed into service. Again, thanks, Karoda.
This is a look at the new free motion foot available for the Janome 6600P. I've quilted several square feet on my newest piece using it this afternoon and couldn't wait to report to one and all that I love it.
I never was a fan of the darning foot that came with the Janome. For at least two years I have been using a 12 mm generic foot similar to the one on the right in the image below instead. But two days ago the rubber gasket on the foot and the weld broke and the foot became non-functional. Have you every looked at something (not someone) you loved and ask it "How dare you fail me in a time like this?" I had to sit there a moment and gather myself.
Why all the drama you ask over a thing. Why didn't I buy another one?.
Believed me I tried to several month ago; knowing from past experience that it is always best to have a spare. I purchased my beloved 12mm metal foot from Clotilde but learned they no longer carry it. I spent several hours on the Internet back then and again yesterday looking for another source for one, with no luck.
What was I to do, but return to the one that came with the Janome.
If I must, then so be it....
Then I remembered reading something on the Art Quilt list about a new foot Janome had introduced and to my amazement the Janome dealer here in Columbia had them. The reason I say this with awe is because he has not been in business long and last year when he opened I needed a screw for my sole plate and he had none. I had cleaned the lint from the bobbin area and while replacing the sole plate, I sent one of the two screws scurrying across the room. After a fair amount of time looking with out luck in locating into what corner it was hiding I went to his s hop to get another one. But I must admit he was very helpful. Having no extra screws in the shop, he simply removed one from one of the models on the show room floor and gave it to me. I hope he stays in business, for such a small market we have all of the major machine dealers; Husquvarna, Pfaff, and Bernina, here and all are within a 6 mile radius of each other.

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