Friday, July 18, 2008

Sometimes you just have to

step back, sit down and sigh.

I have nothing to report on the quilting front except both exhibits I am a part of are ending in a number of day that can be counted both hands,

I have knitted two sweaters for Miss Olivia; the youngest grqnd daughter. I wish I could knit a sweater for me as quickly. But for now, I'm putting the knitting away for awhile. Knitting is the hobby that keeps my fingers busy while traveling and during the downbetween quilt projects.

I had ordered Rayna's book before I left and was happy to get it when I got home. I ripped open the package and sat down. I read throught it front to back non-stop. It is written like I like my information given to me. I want the facts...forget the flowery details. Because of her book I am just itching to get to my space in the garage some mornings soon to experiment, Notice the plural morning, because one will not do at all. Sigh....but for now, the commission I left unfinished is the first priority now that I have unpacked my suitcses, weeded the garden, taking care of two weeks of neglect and gotten out of my easy chair I justified to myself by saying, "Nita, old girl, you need a break", sighing, I sat..

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