Saturday, March 20, 2010

Walked, looked and walked some more. The Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival we did.

It was a great day to be out and about. Several times I wished I had remembered my sunglasses and a hat. Both were definitely in order. It was clear sky sunny and 75 degrees by 2 PM. But I had neither, so Rene and I tried to stay in the shade as much as possible as we made our way down the middle of Park Avenue; the main street in Winter Park that was sealed off to auto traffic from Garfield Ave. to the north and New England Ave. to the south. It was also very crowded and the smell of tempting stuff to eat waffled through the air. But we being unadventurous and I in need of a potty choice to stop at the far north end of the Art Fair's perimeters for that and to eat a late lunch at Panera Bread. I did remember my camera, yeah!!!
I have been to many art fairs through the years. I think the one in Louisville in October, "The St. James Court Art Fair still tops my list and rightly so since it is one of the nations best. This one in my opinion is a real close second as far as the quality of the art and craftsmanship of what is being sold, as well as the number of booths, food vendors, entertainment and activities for children .
Two thumbs up on the location. Most of it was confined to a park, but the open air dining along the main street gave you a real sense of the city "Winter Park" and all of the business along the main street were open for business and were offering sales items out front on their sidewalks.
Here are a few of the artist and their ware that caught my eye. I have tried to attach an artist name to all of the up close photo's and yes I did ask permission. Only one artist requested that her stuff not be photographed after I had taken a couple of shots or put on-line so I won't.
When I go to art fairs I always look for something that makes me smile. This booth pictured above did it for me today.
No matter where I go, I can always find flowers. Today was no different. The azaleas are in bloom all over the area. These were the only quilt I saw and the artist is from St. Louis, MO. All commercial fabric with large floral prints. Click on the image below and you should be able to read her bio information
Loved the sculptured dresses that you can see in the top two photo's below.

I saw this hat and was reminded that Derby Day "a Louisville, KY" thing" is fast approaching. And I thought of my friend Valerie W. In Louisville who can wear hats like no other woman I know. Hey Val, you would look great in the red one. It was made by Ingnatious Creegan & Rod Givens of Petersburg, VA They had so many wonderful ones I told them they should open a shop in Louisville for from April 15th to what ever is the Thursday before Oaks Day or for those not of the KY horse scene, Oaks day is the Friday before Derby Saturday and the Derby is always held the first Saturday in May. No matter how far one ventures of home, you can never leave your roots and mine are deep in Louisville, KY dirt.
Saw lots of glass and wood, but these two artist works caught my eye .
This is a collage of the day and our getting to and from the car and the people that were out and about with us. Hope your day was a good as mine.

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