Sunday, September 12, 2010

There is nothing on the easel

or being stitched together or being quilted.  My art has taken a back seat to general housekeeping, reorganizing my studio stuff and shopping for a dress and shoes to match to wear to my most favorite niece's wedding next Saturday in Jackson, Mississippi. 

It will be a fast trip there and back.  Rene' and I are leaving on a flight out of Orlando on Saturday that will get us to the hotel, changed and at the church by 2:45PM. Then it is back  to the hotel after the reception to sleep fast.  If all goes as planned we will be back in Orlando before noon on Sunday.

Went to see "The American" today with George Cloney.  If you catch the previews, you will have seen the best parts of the movie.  Very European in style.  Lot of scenery, not much dialog.  Very close to the worst movie I have seen in years.   A total waste of money  for the ticket and calories used eating the popcorn as I kept waiting for it to get better.  It never did. 

Carol...  Send me your blog site address so I can look at your sparrows.

Blog followers, maybe the next time you visit there will be something to look at.  I didn't think you would be interested in seeing the desk I brought  last week.  I've been searching for almost a year for just the right one  that fit into my decor and didn't look like it belonged in an office.  I lucked up on it at Target. 


Carol said...

It happens some times that we have to take family matters as a priority over our work time in the studio. Thanks for the heads up on the movie. I almost always see most of the movies that I see long after everyone else has already seen it. What makes you think that no one would like to see the desk?

Carol said...

Oh, yeah my blogspot is :
Working slowly on my website. As soon as I have something significant there I will send you the address. Put my blogspot in your favorites and I will post on the blog when the site is ready for viewing. Then you can help critique it since I value your opinion. Karen has already been to the site to see the crows, as you know she is also a crow fan.
Thanks for your interest.

Susan Turney said...

Of course we want to see the perfect desk! LOL! We want to see anything you're up to!!! If the rest of readers are like me they're always happy to see a new post from you, whatever it's about.

Karoda said...

but what new organzing studio ideas, gadgets, etc did you implement? and how about any more scooter adventures?