Monday, September 20, 2010

The wedding, the city, my daughter

Traveling with someone who travels a lot sure makes getting from point A to point B "EASY". My daughter Rene's travels a LOT.  (Rene' is pictured on the left in the photo below.)
The secret she says for getting through security at the Orlando airport is to go through the middle of the three security check point.  The middle section is hidden from view.  It seems only the most seasoned traveler use it.  It seems that  the middle section is used by passengers with small  carry on bags and if they have a computer they know to get it out and into a separate bin.  For the other passengers without computers they seem to only have stuff that will  fit in  a single bin as was the case with Rene' and me.  Best of all the passengers in that line did not wear shoes with laces.  The footwear of choice was flip flops, no buckle sandals,  skiffs, step in or clogs.
From touch down in Jackson, MS on Saturday to take off for home on Sunday we were on the ground  less than 24 hours. so we hit the ground moving. 
To our delight as we were leaving the airport area and driving north of I-55 to the right was a shopping area and I spied a free standing Baskin Robbins Ice Cream store.  In the south, everywhere, except Florida it seems, a free standing Baskin Robbins  means  black walnut ice cream can be found there.   You can forget about finding that flavor in BR's that are attached to Dunkin Donuts.   About a quarter of a mile further along the road, Rene' saw an O'Charley's  on the same side of the interstate and said, "Grilled chicken salad, yum, lets get off". 
It was past lunch time and peanuts and pretzels in flight are not my idea of lunch. 
Rene' and I order grilled chicken salads to go and went to get ice cream while the order was being readied.
Counting down, we had 2 hours and 15 minutes to go before we needed to be at the church.
We stayed at the Marriott Courtyard about 4 miles from the church that was easily located thanks to "Georgia" our pet name for our GPS unit with a female voice. 
The wedding was lovely.  Instead of lighting a unity candle, they each poured a different color of sand, his brown and hers white into a container and mixed them. She had my mother light a candle in memory of my father, the brides grandfather before the vows were said.  All of the grandchildren have such fond memories of their "Pappaw" and it was nice she honored him in that way.
The reception was 20 miles from the church back south on I-55 nearly back to the airport, but on the way Rene' and I both said it would be a shame if we went to Jackson and didn't see Jackson, so off the interstate we detoured and did a quick drive through of the city.  Like most downtown city centers without tourist attractions there was no one on the streets.  We laughingly reported to my daughter Lyn that we saw four people, one walking, one sitting on a bench and a couple getting out of a car across the street from the Governor's mansion.  The man had a camera.  Tourist  not exactly like us.  They did park and got out of their car.  We on the other hand did drive bys of the sites pictured above.

The bride changed her dress for the reception which gave one an all a view of her shoes.  Even in my youth I wouldn't have dared wear those shoes.  But then, in my youth I was never as small as she is. 

While I talk to my daughter Lyn (the one on the right) daily and often several times more than once a day it was so good to see her and give her a hug.
In parting, all the girl cousins, of which I am one along with being a mother, sister, and aunt, including the "bride" met at our hotel for breakfast.

A girl thing.  The bride came to breakfast, having left her new husband in bed sleeping while she went to have her hair done so she would look real spiffy for her flight to California and honeymoon cruise.   

Family... seeing, remembering and adding to; that's what wedding are about.  It was a very good trip.
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Carol said...

Hi Juanita,
I read the whole post the other day and am just getting around to commenting. Glad you all had a wonderful time. Everything looks and you have two beautiful daughters. I had to wait for one of my sons to marry to get my beautiful daughter.